Can A Dissolved Company Be Restored?

If your business is facing insolvency this year then you may be thinking about what happens after. Will everything you worked for be gone for ever?  

Sometimes a business will reach its natural end with no prospect of a rescue or rebirth while it is possible for some businesses to come back from the dead. In certain circumstances there may be an opportunity to give a business the kiss of life even if it was previously dissolved.  

Whether this is possible however will depend on how and why the business was dissolved in the first place. Sometimes being struck off the Company House Register is down to external forces and sometimes it is done voluntarily when there is really no other option at the time.  

If your company is dissolved due to some form of non-compliance such as failing to file documents or providing annual accounts on time, then there is hope. The company can be restored via Companies House as long as it is done before the cut off point which is 6 years after the company is dissolved.  

Of the company is dissolved voluntarily, restoring it is going to be more difficult and will need to be restored is by applying for a court order. This process can take 15 weeks and involve various fees which will probably make starting a new company a more appealing.